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Education for Financial Advisors, Investors, Businesses and Professionals.

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Want to be an expert in cryptocurrency and advise your clients?

Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets are the fastest growing new asset class for investors.  The next generation of clients is going to expect you to understand.  We help you, so you can help them.

Adam Cryptocurrency Expert

Want to get your firm prepared to give Crypto and Digital Asset advice?

Our program gives you our decades of Financial Services experience and our years of Crypto research and knowledge.  Be ahead of 99% of advisors.

  • How to address Regulation and Compliance
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain Basics
  • Allocation to Digital Assets
  • Crypto Estate Planning
  • Fund options - Hedge funds, ETF, Mutual Funds
  • Custody - one of the most important ways to help
  • Research - we show you how and where
  • Valuation - Store of Value, value accrual, cash flows

Meet your Crypto Financial Advisor Coach, Adam Blumberg, CFP

Get Your RIA Crypto Ready

Learning about Crypto is one thing.  Making it a part of your practice - where you can make money and provide valuable advice - is another.

Our RIA Crypto Ready Program gives you both.

  • Crypto Basics Education
  • Project and Planning Ideas
  • Valuable Resources and Research
  • Community and Events
RIA Crypto Ready
Crypto and Digital Assets

Crypto and Digital Assets for Financial Advisors

You work for a Wirehouse, or Broker/Dealer that doesn't have a fee-option.  You can still learn about Crypto so you can have the conversations with clients.

  • Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Custody
  • Allocation
  • Other Cryptocurrencies

Join the Interaxis Academy

Now you're excited to get started.  Choose your membership level, and start learning how to make Crypto and Digital Assets part of your practice.

Digital Asset Academy

$800 per Year
  • 1 user
  • Bitcoin and Basics
  • Wallets and Custody
  • Content Added Regularly
  • Private Slack Group

Custom Program

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  • Have dozens or hundreds of advisors?
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Become a member, and learn about how to make the fastest growing asset class part of your firm

By the end of the course you’ll know:

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Looking to make Crypto part of your practice? We can help.

Education for Financial Advisors, Investors, Businesses and Professionals.

Curriculum and Resources

Still not sure? Enroll in our 3-day free Crypto for Advisors Course

After this 3-day Free Course, you’ll know more about Crypto and Digital Assets than almost all the other Advisors.

  • Have a conversation with clients about Bitcoin
  • Think about allocation to Crypto
  • Understand why or why not to invest
  • How Bitcoin works
Crypto for Advisors Course